915 East State Road, Fairview OK

In-Store Products


We carry a large range of cattle products, from feed to mineral. Let our staff help you decide what is best for the needs of your livestock. Lines we stock include Purina® Accuration®, Wind & Rain®, and Honor Show®. 


We treat our horses like family– let us help you treat yours just as well! Our range of equine products features choice feeds like Purina®, Impact®, Strategy®, Equine Senior, and more! We also stock quality brands such as Classic Equine®, Rattler®, Classic®, and Martin®. 


We want your hens to be in excellent condition! Treat them to high quality feeds such as Purina® Layena®, Flock Raiser®, and Scratch Grains. For the chicks, we stock lines such as Purina Home Grown & Organic Starter-Grower. 

Sheep & Goat

Whether you’re going for fluffy sheep or agile goats, we have a solution! Try out Purina® Wind and Rain®, Mineral, Grower, and Accuration®. We also carry Ultra 24 Milk Replacer, Lamb and Kid bottles, and more!


Get your backyard birds chirping! Your friendly neighborhood avians will come flying for our full line of bird feeds & seeds.  Try our Purina® Wild Bird Block today! In addition to wild bird seed, we also stock game bird and duck feeds!


We know you love your pets– but make sure they know it too with top-tier foods like Red Flannel® Hi Protein, Adult, and Cat Food. In addition we also carry Exclusive® Adult, Senior, Performance, and Cat feed. 

Exotic Pets

For your exotic animals we carry Mazuri® Guinea Pig, Alpaca and Llama, Tortoise, Hedgehog. We’ve got Purina® Fibre3® for your rabbits. 

Wildlife Supplies

From feeders to feed we have you covered. We carry the Purina® Antlermax® line of feeds and supplements as well as QuickDraw® and Purina® deer blocks. Stop in or call us today!

Show Feeds

Take your show animals to the top of their game. Let us help you get them there with choice feeds such as Purina® Honor Show® and the full line of High Octane®. 

Lawn & Garden

We have everything you need to have the best garden around. We stock bulk seeds, fertilizer, plants, and chemicals. In addition, we also carry sprayers, garden hoses, pots, and more!

Farm Supplies

Having the right farm supplies is crucial, and we are here to make sure you can find what you need. We carry fence energizers, faucet freeze protectors, gloves, and more! 

Animal Health

Keep your livestock in the best possible health. We carry quality brands such as Spurrs Big Fix®,  Cydectin®, Allflex®, and Martin’s®. Come in and browse our selection today!


Whether you’re looking for a snack or a gift for a loved one, we have it all! We carry Pet House Candles®, Dot’s® Homestyle Pretzels, Colorado Jack® Popcorn, Little Buster Toys, and Big Country Toys®.