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Steve and Rhonda Regier began Fairview Farm and Ranch, LLC. in May of 2016. “We started this business because we were sold on Purina Animal Nutrition products, and they were no longer available in Fairview,” said Rhonda Regier. “We opened in a rented 1200 sq. foot concrete building but quickly grew. In 2021, we purchased and renovated a 5 acre commercial property with 12,000 sq ft. in warehouse space and 3000 sq. ft. retail space.”

 “FF&R has focused on providing bulk dry and bulk liquid feed along with other bagged feed for a predominant cattle market, but sells products and feed for other livestock, show, and pet owners. With the new retail space, FF&R has been able to expand their retail presence with a garden center and a “farm and ranch” general store including animal health, welding, fencing, tack, pet, farm toys, and much more.

FF&R focuses their efforts on high quality products, strong customer service, and knowledgeable team members. FF&R’s employees are like family and have been on the team for over 5 years each.The Regiers’ have been fortunate to have outstanding salespeople representing FF&R in the field, and once again, have a great Purina Livestock Specialist, Zach Godde, working the country selling Purina feed.With their backgrounds, Steve being an aerial applicator and Rhonda selling agriculture chemicals, the Regiers’ offer extensive knowledge to our customers.

Steve & Rhonda Regier said when they started Fairview Farm and Ranch, they were not looking for something to do. The Regiers’ have a 160 head cow/calf operation, and they also own and operate SDM Services, a lawn spraying and aerial pipeline survey business. “Since starting FF&R”, Regier says, “we have been so blessed with outstanding employees, the best customers in the country, and a determination to honor God with our efforts.”


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